New SUPPORTS for 2024

Hello friends, patients, family members and community, It’s your team from Segue Clinic here to share an update on new communication support tools for 2024. Some embrace a new year as a fresh start, while other’s find it challenging and can feel additional pressure. At Segue Clinics across Niagara, we are here to support your recovery journey every step of the way. New for 2024 is a newsletter with information and support tips as well as the option to receive clinic communications by text message.

This email is being sent to you because we have shared communications in the past. Part of our commitment to you is providing different resources for successful recovery.

Choose your preferred communication method below. You can easily opt out at any time in the future.

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Text messages will be sent when the newsletter is available, also if there are severe weather warnings and clinics need to close or other urgent notifications.

Call 905.688.1827 or email [email protected] to book an appointment if you find yourself struggling and we will support your next steps.


We provide resources and programs for substance recovery. Tell us a little bit about yourself and our
team of experienced, compassionate professionals are ready to listen. At Segue all appointments and
communication are private and confidential, with 9 locations to support your recovery.

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